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Ever thought of controlling your pc without touching it? Sounds twitchy but you can actually do it, thanks to the intuitive Android remote desktop control application, which enables you to remotely control your PC through a Smartphone.

Remote Control PC

Remote Control PC

What is Android Remote Control

Android Remote Control is an entirely new development in Android applications which allows users to control their Windows System remotely using their android phones just in a click.This app was a Demo project by Steppschuh organisation.

Basically the Android Remote desktop app uses your Wifi connection to connect to your PC, which is already connected under the same wireless connection.You might ask, why don’t they use a bluetooth connection instead. However, the problem with Bluetooth is that, Bluetooth connection is very slow and never predominates over other connections.While a wifi connection sends data using an external wireless connection making it more efficient than any other possible connection.

Along with controlling the mouse and keyboard, Android Remote desktop users have a wide range of features. They can use speech recognition to conquer your PC with words. Other features like Ctrl,Shift,Alt and Scroll keys are also included. Sadly, a few innovative features are only available in the Pro version like Media Player and Live Screen Features.

Android Remote Control’s performance is amazingly fast. Impressively, the implementation of WiFi made the app’s interference with the system uninterrupted by any source. This is what makes the app bug free and one of the most popular. Although most of the vital features are available in the freemium version,the app has additional features that are available only in the paid version.

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How to Download Android Remote Desktop

Downloading Android Remote desktop application is simple and straightforward.Just follow the steps illustrated below.

  • First things first, both the PC, you wish to control and your android Smartphone should be connected to the same wireless network, or remote desktop doesn’t initialize.
  • Download the client App from the Play Store or from here. After downloading the file, you need to initialize the installation procedure.

Download Android Remote control

  • Get the server version for your PC (windows) from below. After downloading the file, proceed with the installation process.

Download Android Remote desktop

  • Enter the IP address displayed on your PC, in your Android mobile and Voila!! You are ready to control your PC through your Smartphone using Android Remote control.

If you have any questions or queries concerning Android Remote Control, you connect with me through comments or by e-mail.

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