Top 4 Torrific Alternatives for Cloud Sharing

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I assume you are already aware of, an intuitive service which enabled it’s users to share torrents and peer-to-peer file sharing directly without any external download client. Torrific provided an innovative service, which made file sharing simple and hassle free. It allowed users to upload any torrent file, the file data is cached on to the server, and a direct download link is provided.

For some unknown reasons, Torrific is no longer available. But, don’t give up yet, I’ve compiled a list of sites which can serve as perfect Torrific Alternatives, for sharing and download of torrent files without any external download manager or platform. Check out the comprehensive list below.

Best Alternatives for Torrific



ZBigz is one of the most renowned torrent proxy sites, preceded only by Torrific. It basically caches your torrent data in it’s efficient servers and provides a direct mirror download link.

  • It is simple and a direct process. Caching a torrent file literally takes a few seconds.
  • ZBigz provides two levels of membership. Free and Premium. The free version excels perfectly, but it does have a few restrictions and limits.
  • It is invariably the best Torrific Alternative, thanks to it’s reliability and lightning fast server speed.
  • The premium version provides a download speed, 5 times that of your typical torrent client.

BitLet is basically a desktop / browser based torrent client. All you need to do, is obtain the Torrent file URL and input in the homepage input form. Alternatively, you can also upload the file by clicking on the Select Local Torrent option.

  • BitLet eliminates the need for external download clients. All you need is a Java-enabled browser.
  • It can seamlessly serve as a proxy service, if peer-to-peer file sharing is imminently blocked or restricted by your ISP.
  • It is one of the most reliable alternatives of, in my personal experience.
  • Bitlet is also officially available as an addon for Google Chrome.

Put iO

Put.IO is literally a cloud-based clone alternative of Torrific. It provides an unparalleled service for file sharing and cloud-based torrenting. However, it doesn’t provide free membership.


  • Being a premium service, serves lightning fast download speeds, with massive bandwidth.
  • You can download your file from any web-based device which include Smartphones, Tablets, e.t.c.
  • If you are fed up with extremely low download rates, Put iO is the perfect solution for this issue.


It basically integrates a download client with the file data and creates a standalone .exe file. All you need to do is run the executable file and the download automatically starts. It isn’t as promising as the former services, However, you can just give it a try.

Hope you found my list of Best Torrific Alternatives helpful.


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